About me

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My name is Jack Thiess. I am a 16-year-old Junior at Memorial High School pursuing a career in IT. For years I have loved learning about technology and found that IT is my passion.

Even as a kid, I have had an interest in computers. I always wanted to play video games, but to do that I needed to learn how to use a computer. This was often how I learned as a kid: I had a goal and learned how to achieve that goal. This sparked a curiosity in me, that has led me to want to learn.

I have always been helping others with their problems. I enjoy improving other people’s days by solving issues. And while when I was a kid, I usually ended up breaking things instead of fixing them, I now have the knowledge and passion to help others.

What I'm Working on

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    Linux Essentials

    Currently Finishing my Linux Essentials Certification.

  • Web development icon

    Web design/development

    Currently learning web design and development.

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    Currently learning how professional networking should be designed.

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    Circuit Board Design

    Curretly learning about how devices work on a circuit level.


  • Damon Smith

    Mr. Damon Smith

    Mr. Smith is a Teacher at Memorial High School. He is the former head of IT for the Hayward Area School District

    Email: [email protected] Phone: 715-852-6684

    Work address: 2220 Fairfax St. Eau Claire, WI 54701

  • Kevin Thompson

    Mr. Kevin Thompson

    Mr. Thompson is the Athletic Director at Memorial High School. He was my boss during my time as a Daaktronics Worker.

    Email: [email protected] Phone: 715-852-6313

    Work address: 2220 Fairfax St. Eau Claire, WI 54701

  • Kristy Thiess

    Ms. Kristy Thiess

    Ms. Kristy Thiess is a Broker Partner with RE/MAX Affiliates. She also just so happens to be my mother

    Email: [email protected] Phone: 715-379-412500

    Work address: 4260 Southtowne Dr. Eau Claire, WI 54701



  1. Eau Claire Memorial High School

    2021 — Present

    I am currently a Junior at MHS, I will be graduating in 2025. My plan during my first or two years of High School was to take as many credits as possible so that I could graduate early. However, I now plan on taking as many electives that apply to my career path as I can. And I currently plan on nearly as many AP courses as I can

  2. Linux Professional Institute

    2023 — Present

    I recently started working on achieving my Linux Essentials Certification from The Linux Professional Institute. I have been using linux for years, but I believe this certification will prove that I know what I am doing.


  1. Daktronics Worker

    2021 — 2023

    I was responsible for managing a large display during school sports games. I managed the commercials, and some of the music being played. Later, my position changed, focusing more on the livestream production for Memorial High School's major sports events.

  2. IT Internship

    2023 - Present

    I am currently working for the Eau Claire Area School District as an IT Intern through the Youth Apprenticeship program. I am currently responsible for fixing staff and student devices, imaging windows onto hundreds to thousands of laptops, and helping the rest of the IT team with their tasks. I am currently working at the district office, and will be working at Memorial High School during the school year